Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tuesday Challenge

The Created by Hand Tuesday Challenge,
Alcohol inks - love them! I probably use them most often on metal, but for this piece I used them on an overhead, then stamped it with the heart from River City Rubber works. In person, it gives the illusion of veins, which is really cool. These are the first two pages from an altered book I've started, and I'm not totally satisfied with it, to be honest. It might be partly due to the way I approached this project. Normally, I have a sketch of the design or project, or at least a clear idea in mind before I start to work. This time, I just tried to go with the flow. That's Matt's method, and I've always been amazed, and a little jealous, at how he can just pick up a brush and create. The background was made with metallic gold tissue that was over painted with arcrylics, stamped when wet, and inked with green and blue alcohol inks. I used the heat tool to dry the paint layers quickly, to get some bubbles and additional texture.

It is my goal to complete the whole book using spontaneous designs. We'll see if I can do it.


  1. Wow absolutely stunning. Fabulous pieces.

  2. So involved Casey! I love your style - it 'feels' really free and wild!

  3. Casey, enjoyed reading your "about me." Good for you re: change in priorities. I so agree with you about how children today are growing up with so little exposure to the arts - of any kind. I am a grandmother and make it a goal every time I have them, if time offers, to draw, paint, color, cut & paste etc. Your goal for this journal is great. I think, due to your past education in art, it will just take time for your eyes to see what others do. I agree with Sandy, absolutely stunning. Lin Lin

  4. Both of these are so yummy! Thanks for taking the challenge!