Sunday, March 2, 2008

Created by Hand Rabbit Template

This Created By Hand was a challenge for me, since the template, cute as it is, does not match my style. I started out with a background  of small rabbits cut from patterned papers, but it was too busy, I toned it down with some red and green paint and the collage elements, but it was a little muddy. The large fabric rabbit was good alone, but it was difficult to work it into the piece. I eventually white washed the entire background, sanded it, and added the title. Am I happy with it? Not really. I like elements, but the piece as a whole still doesn't quite come together. I don't love everything I make. Not all of my works are successful, but I learn from each one. Art is a process. It's not always smooth. It's not easy. But regardless of the outcome, I still enjoy the journey.


  1. I love it! Especially when I see it larger and the background bunnies are visible. Great variation on the challenge! Thanks for taking it!

  2. thank four your comment about the triptych ! and your artwork is very wonderful ! I love so much

  3. You definitely rose to the challenge - I love how textured the piece ended up. I really think that all the layers made the piece come together and I like just the bits of color.