Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I have work to do

I had work to do today, samples for the Designer Extra post on My Daughter's Wish blog. So, I took Madeline to school, and played with Max. We went grocery shopping, put away the groceries, then picked up Madeline. I cleaned the house and took the kids to gymnastics. I sat through a tortured four pages of homework with Madeline. I cooked  dinner, from scratch. I did the dishes, got the kids into showers, and made lunches. I took care of  toothbrushing, flossing and rinsing. I read books, then did laundry. I sat with the kids for awhile, and then, finally, when all was quiet, I got to work. My husband had homework for the classes he's taking, so he came home, ate the dinner I fixed, and did his homework. Why is it that everyone else can do their work when they need to, but a mother has to do everyone else's work first?

If you'd like to see the fruits of my labor, I have a tutorial for alcohol inks and masks here.

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