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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Craft Hope for the Gulf

Craft Hope is an organization that arranges charitable craft projects that everyone can participate in. Their latest project is collecting crocheted, knitted, or sewn wash clothes and hand towels for use in cleaning oil drenched wildlife. The deadline is July 3, although the organizer in Florida said she will accept donations as long as they come in. Since the towels can only be used a few times before they are so decrepit they must be tossed, the recycling of sheets and old toweling is encouraged. The website has the size details and the address to ship them to. Last weekend we took the kids to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium (and became members, too!) so I thought this would be a charity project that they could really identify with. Every bit helps, so please check out the website.

On a lighter note, I'm working on a little freebie for Friday that my kids have been helping me test this week. Check back in a few days to see what it is!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pay It Forward

I love the concept of paying it forward, because I firmly believe that your actions, not your words, show who you really are. There is a great scrap site called Scrap It Forward, where they sponsor a different charitable cause each month. It is very much the concept of a lot of people doing small things ca make a big difference. They are having a card drive for Autism Now, for all of you crafty mamas out there. They will auction off all of the cards and donate the proceeds. I'm sure many of you have hand made cards just sitting around, so how easy is it to send a few off? Click here to get the details. Here's one of mine to get you motivated to pull out those stamps and paper!