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Friday, April 10, 2009

Tweets and Finds

I joined Twitter, just because I kept hearing about it everywhere, and Facebook has been so much fun. I'm still learning it, for sure, but I have made a few cool discoveries:

Rupydetequila - her illustrations are adorable (and her English is even cuter!)

Pikaland - okay, not a new discovery, but I follow her. I have loved this blog for a long time. I like to end a computer work session by drooling over the highlighted illustrator of the day. Seriously good stuff.

Claudine Hellmuth - okay, not a discovery either, but you get to see the person behind the art when you read their tweets. I took an on-line class with Claudine, and during the live Q&A she was so open and generous with her knowledge and experience.

I'm still working out the whole how you find people thing, but I certainly have no trouble finding people on Etsy. Here are just a few favorites right now:


I ordered some prints from her last year for my father, and they were beautiful. Stunning, really.


How freakin' cute is that?????? I need one of those!