Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ah ha

Here's my personal layout for MDW. I put this off for awhile. 1. because I had no recent shots of myself and 2. I've never done a page about myself before. Well, I did the my heart mini-album, but I didn't put any pictures of myself in it. The papers are from Basic Grey's Recess collection. How appropriate - my favorite line in a school theme. Oddly, once I actually git started, this page came together easily. I'd never scrapped in 9x9 before, but I like the size. I really should do pages beyond the adventures of Max and Madeline, or they may grow up believing the universe revolves around them (okay, so maybe it does, most of the time).

I had a great "ah ha" moment on Sunday. I realized that many of the issues I've had with this blog, techincally, may not be my fault. I asked Charlotte to help me with my posts, and when I went to my settings on her PC, I discovered a whole array of options that simply do not show up on my Mac. When I post, I get spell check and picture insertion as an option, that's all. There had to be at least ten different options that came up in Windows! I ordered the new Mac OS (I haven't upgraded in about 3 years), so hopefully that will help. In the meantime, Charlotte gave me her laptop to borrow, bless her heart. Maybe this week I can play around with a few options and spruce this space up a bit! At least I feel more confident about my computer skills now.


  1. That is a great page casey... isn't it a great feeling to finish a page that is about you.... I really enjoyed doing mine. Good luck with your class that is coming up...

  2. that is such a great page!!! love it....so creative!

  3. This page is so great! Its a great pic of you and the page is so beautiful!