Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Disneyland was fabulous! I'm still sorting through the 256 photographs and putting together a sketchbook/mini-album of the trip, but I thought I'd post just one pic. On this particular day, we had been chosen as the Honorary Family of the Day in Toontown. We were able to go on stage with all of the characters during the Town Hall meeting, and the kids were escorted to Mickey's house to visit him first. The kids were all jumps and shouts about it... until we got on stage. A sea of strange faces looking at them suddenly turned them into shy children! Still, we were all thrilled.

I thought I'd post a picture of our family room art wall. The painting in the middle is Matt's, but the kids have taken over the rest of it. Since the family room is in limbo design wise right now, we've been enjoying adding their creations on the wall. It makes me happy. I suppose I'll have to encorporate some kid gallery space when we redecorate.

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  1. wow 256 photos! good luck, i am sure it will turn out beautiful!