Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's beginnning to feel a lot like Christmas

I'm actually caught up with the Christmas album, but not the scanning. Today It really felt like the holidays. With all of the sickness over the last month, we really haven't done any baking, or trips to the city to see the decorations; all the little things that make the holidays feel special. Well today, John John came over for breakfast before the Raider game, and after the boys left, the kids and I headed over to the bookstore for books for the kindergarten exchange and hot chocolate in the cafe. We spent a good two hours there, then came home for a little baking session. John brought presents for the kids, and while I was turing on the Christmas lights and Matt was outside saying goodbye, the kids decided to open them! I didn't mind though. Christmas morning is so overwhelming, I think they were more appreciative of the gifts having opened them early, so they could play with just those gifts tonight. While they loved the toys, nothing really can beat a cardboard box, so they finished off the evening back in their "space shuttle" and taking space walks through the living room. As Madeline said before bed tonight, "We had a really fun day."


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  2. Great Job Casey... this album look will love looking back on it every Christmas!!!
    Happy Holidays!