Friday, July 4, 2008

catalyst 16

Happy Fourth of July! Little known fact, but I was a poly sci major when I entered college, and at one point aspired to be in Congress. That didn't last long, and although I'm not as involved in politics as I used to be, I've made my donation to the Obama campaign and will hold another national mock election in my social studies classes this year. Our process may not be perfect, but I do believe in it and am grateful for the rights and freedoms I enjoy in this great nation. Happy Birthday, United Sates! Maybe now I'll go make a party hat, as my daughter suggested...
Didn't get last week's catalyst up, but here is this week's from Creative Therapy. The theme was your Dream Home. My husband thinks about this a lot, and has great plans (probably from his architecture/engineering background), but honestly, I don't. Sure, I'd love to have a studio, and an extra room for an office and the weight equipment would be nice. A lush, green backyard that went on for miles would be heaven, especially if it had lots of shade. But you know what? I love my little house. It has super high ceilings and open architecture that makes it feel big and airy. I may have to work in the family room, but that means I'm not separate from my kids (or the dinner in the oven). Yes, the backyard is small, but it requires very little work. A smaller house means a smaller carbon footprint. I think I dream instead about he improvements I'd like to make - a new fireplace (I hate the icky beige marble!), new kitchen cabinets (oak does not give off that modern vibe), and new tile showers (those fiberglass all-in-ones should be illegal!). That's my dream - improve what I have, instead of dwelling on what I don't. 


  1. I know what you mean about the dream home.....I do love where my house is...more room would be nice and we might add on later....but I defintely want a new bathroom! LOL!

  2. casey you are such a positive inspiration to me and to the world at large. i love ya'!