Monday, July 21, 2008

Art Journal Pages

As you know, I'll be teaching the art journal class in September, and since my gallery isn't playing nice on (they have just revamped it with the whole mobile me, iphone thing and I need to mess with it some more, I guess), I decided to post a few here. The link on the left, "My Gallery" seems t work for me, but maybe that's because it's my account. Could someone let me know if it doesn't work for them?)

I am currently keeping four journals - one for paint/mixed media, one for pencil, a process book for techniques/class info, and a new one for ink. I've always admired ink illustration, but I'm a pencil girl by nature. So, I bound some scraps of cardstock and even a few printed papers, and am trying to teach myself how to sketch in ink. And it's HARD, for me at least. Trying to keep a simple line and not use sketch lines has been the biggest challenge. I love sketch lines - that's how I "feel" a shape when I draw. I am so used to reworking a sketch in pencil until it's to my liking, but you can't do that in ink. The more I "work" it, the worse it looks. The Danny Gregory books I ordered arrived on Saturday, and I've finished Everyday Matters and am on to The Creative Life, so I hope my technique might improve a bit. These are definitely not the best drawings I've ever done, but I believe it is important to post them. Art journals are for exploration, not perfection. Lots of my pages look like crap, but that's part of the process. I sometimes fear that people might get scared away from trying an art journal when they read books about it, because all of the pages look like beautiful finished artwork, not an exploration. Yes, I love some of my pages, and laugh at others. It's all part of the process...
I had to upload one of the pages Madeline did in my art journal. She decided she wanted one, too, so I pulled out the Bind It All and now she has her own purple journal. :)

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  1. Wow Casey... you are so busy...well, I guess it is nice to get alot done before school starts up again... hope you are doing well.