Friday, August 7, 2009

A Little Break

It has been awhile, hasn't it? Well, as Max prepares to get two teeth extracted (he has not one, but two abscesses)and I finally get to downloading all of our recent photos, I'll let you know about a great Green blog, and a fabulous giveaway they are having. The Alternative Consumer highlights some wonderful Green companies, and this week they are giving away clothing from Indigenous Designs (beautiful, classic clothes, by the way). Click here to enter the giveaway, and stay tuned for more frequent posts!


  1. Poor Max! Does ice cream help with abscesses? Seems like it might.

  2. Casey;
    wondering if you have heard of a "neti pot?" It is a sort of tea pot contraption that you fill with warm saline water and flush the sinuses. It sounds weird, especially to a kid, but it really helps reduce the amount of allergens in the system, and "stuff" that causes coughing. Not sure if Max would be a willing participant but it has been life changing for my household. You can check it out on utube.
    Miss seeing everyone at MDW.