Tuesday, December 1, 2009

JYC and December Daily, Round Two

Despite the fact that I am still trying to finish my December Daily album from last year, I am attempting both Journal Your Christmas and December Daily again this year. I used the JYC prompts mostly as an art journal last year, and it was so much fun (I did complete that one!) I have opted for the art journal format again this year. Last year I altered a Little House on the Prairie book (it was a Christmas themed one, so the cover was perfect), but this year I have  slightly altered the strata. I have a couple hundred loose vintage book pages left over from another project, so I gessoed those individually, then sewed them into a folded felt cover. Super duper easy, tote-able, and doesn't take up much space on my desk. I also like how I can fold the pages all the way back, unlike a hardcover book. Today's theme is the manifesto. I'd like to think of it more as an invitation. You are cordially invited to view my entries throughout the season. I'd like to say that I will post them daily, but I don't think that could ever be a reality. We'll see. At least, here is day 1.

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