Monday, January 18, 2010


My Word For The Year this year is draw, so I suppose I should post a few drawings. Here are some more pages from my Journal Your Christmas art journal.

Have you chosen your Word For the Year? Last year I chose "create", and there on links on the right for the mini-book tutorial I created to go with it.  I chose it with an artistic implication in mind, but fate had something else in store for me. Instead of creating a lot of art, I created a whole new lifestyle for my family, especially concerning food. True, I was forced to due to Max's Celiac and his numerous food allergies, but we have all become healthier as a result (and so has the planet).  So I thought I would be more literal this year, and maybe the universe will comply. Then again, I may get trapped in a spaghetti western...


  1. Love all your journal pages. I wish I was better at keeping up with it. I have the book Wreck This Journal which I thought would keep me on track. My friend Traci Bautista has shown me countless cool journal tricks. Alas I always slack. Your pages inspire me though.

  2. WOW those pages are amazing Casey