Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Easter T-shirt Rescue

A bleach stained girl's t-shirt with a small hole. Honestly, I'm not sure how it got that way, since I only use the little bleach pens on white fabric, but it mysteriously appeared one day. I stuck it in my refashion bag and forgot about it until this weekend, when I was cleaning out my closet for Project Simplify on Simple Mom (more on that in another post). So, I pulled out my idea book and thumbed through the pictures from catalogs and magazines of potential clothing projects. My dear daughter loves to mark clothes she likes in catalogs so that I can make (or order) them for her, and I ran across some cute spring t-shirts from Mini Boden. I think they were from last year's catalog. Anywho, a little applique work and Bam! a new Easter shirt:
Yes, the design was a total rip-off, with the exception that they used screenprinting along with applique, and I only used fabric, andding just a few touches. I love how applique can quickly, and completely, transform a piece of clothing. The bunny is even made from the sleeves of another t-shirt re-fashion, which I will have a short tutorial for later. If you have never appliqued, I have a tutorial here. Now hop to it! (teeheehee)

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  1. Totally cute. I've done something sorta similar, with a dress Maya loved but got a stain on. I bought a flower patch and sewed it on, and she got a lot more use out of it before growing too tall. And hey, I can't even sew, so yay me!

    And, btw, yay you!