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Monday, June 14, 2010

Birthday Sewing

My darling goddaughter is turning three, so that means a new dress. I made a dress like this one for her last year, and this year I also returned to my favorite elastic thread for some shirring. This year it is shirred around the waist, with elastic at the top. It's never very impressive looking on the hanger, but oh, so cute on.
I played with the back this time. I love the bustles and ruffles from places like Chasing Fireflies (sigh, their clothes are amazing!), so the back got a little fancy:
And since a three year old may not find clothes too exciting as a birthday gift, there were also art supplies and this smock, from Bend The Rules Sewing, to go with it:
I just love that IKEA fabric. Cathleen, I think the baby needs some bibs and such from this fabric, don't you? The sewing machine is still humming...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sewing Weekend

I traded the pen for the needle this weekend, and managed to get a few projects crossed off my list. The top priority was Madeline's dresses. She has four beautiful Hanna Andersson dresses that she won't wear because they don't have cats on them. Seriously, she will not wear anything unless it has a cat on it. So, I searched online for some simple cat coloring pages to use as templates, and appliqued cats on her clothes. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous at first. These are Hannah Andersson dresses, after all. Madeline, however, was delighted with the results, and I am, too. They really do look like Madeline dresses now, and hopefully they won't sit at the bottom of her drawer anymore.

My other project was a little wristlet from Sew Darn Cute. I altered the pattern a bit, since the printer was out of ink and I couldn't blow up the one that was included in the book. I made some mistakes, but in the end I think it came out okay. I will shorten the strap next time, and alter the sewing in of the zipper just a bit, but overall it makes a cute little purse. My one complaint with the book is that there are only written instructions - no diagrams. It's very hard for me to sew without diagrams; I rely heavily on them to make sure I understand the written directions. I have the Stiched In Time book from Bookswim right now, and it also relies heavily on written instructions (though there are a few process pictures here and there with the projects). I suppose that's why I love Bend The Rules Sewing and Weekend Sewing (which the checkbook cover/coupon books are from)so much. The diagrams are so clear, you only need to read through the directions once, or even just skim them for some projects. Maybe if I were a better seamstress it wouldn't matter so much, but since I'm low on the sewing chain, I love those step by step pictures!