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Friday, November 12, 2010

Snack Bag Art and this and that

Yes, this is the extent of my illustration time each day - drawing on snack bags. I guess that explains why it  has been so quiet around here lately! I plan on refashioning Max's duvet cover this weekend, so I hope to have a tutorial up for Made By You Monday. I also have 4 pairs of fleece pants, 5 pajama pants and a nightgown cut and waiting for the machine to come out of the closet! I wish the forecast had rain instead of 75 degree weather this weekend - it makes for much better sewing conditions!

I have a whole new stack of books from the library, Amazon and Bookswim on the table. Here are a few new reads and other links I've been enjoying lately:
Hold On to Your Kids, a fascinating look at our peer centered culture. I think every parent should read this one.
Love Soup - I love Anna Thomas' cookbooks, and this one is perfect for the season!
Felt Wee Folk - even Matt thumbed through this adorable how-to book. They would make great Christmas presents!
Wax Leaves - on the schedule for today. A great excuse to use my wax pot.
Herbal How-To Videos - I just placed big orders from Mountain Rose Herbs and The Bulk Herb store to gear up for winter. I think I will need to clear out at least one more shelf in the pantry! These videos from Shoshanna, the owner of the Bulk Herb Store are informative and entertaining.
This post from SouleMama, which inspired a reading nook in Madeline's room
These leaves from Made, which are also on the sewing list for this weekend

Much has been created for our homeschooling around here, but my art table feels lonely and abandoned. Please, share what you've been working on, or discoveries you've made, or what you're reading! I'd love to see!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Linky Love

Whew! What a busy week! The weekend doesn't look any better, so I'm wondering when I'll get a chance to catch my breath. In my spare moments, these did catch my breath this week:

A great series of guest posts and tutorials celebrating everything girly, not just moms! So click the button, already!

This painting, which you could actually win! (sigh.) Visit her blog at Little Black Crow Studio.

Very excited about getting my first bag of soap nuts! I ordered from Naturoil.

This, or any print from Orange Studio - I love them all!

Finally, I'm keeping up with documenting our week for Ali Edward's challenge, A Week In The Life. I don't plan on getting very fancy when it comes to putting the album together next week, but I've saved a lot more bits f daily life this year. I'm hoping that the kids will get a real kick someday out of seeing the grocery receipts and schoolwork I've set aside this week. Isn't that why we record our stories, be they online or in a scrapbook?