Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A couple of small things

I've been knee deep in projects this week - a Thanksgiving book (you can see the pictures and tutorial on the MDW blog, here), a new art journal for an online class, some fiber bookmarks for a trade, an altered jumper, another altered book, and since the sewing machine is out, I finally stitched a little skirt from a vintage tablecloth to protect my beautiful desk chair. (breathing now...)

Since the theme this week for Mixed Media Monday is body parts, I thought I'd share my new journal page from the Christmas journal class:
and a sketch I did for my Alice In Wonderland paper dolls (I sent those in for publication, so no pics of those yet). I didn't end up going with this Alice face, but I still like the sketch:

I suppose that will have to be all for now - the kids have little gift certificates from Build A Bear for their stuffed animal's birthdays (yes, their STUFFED animal's birthday - great marketing!), and the day off from school, so a trip to Build A Bear is in order. I hope my pocketbook survives the trip!


  1. Wonderful journal page and sketch! Diane

  2. Both pages are great. With all that has happened in the last week, I think the heart is very fitting. Great work.

  3. What a wonderful journal page! The sketch is amazing!

  4. Wonderful journal page you have done and your sketch of Alice fase are so beautiful.

  5. What a great journal page! Your sketch is awesome Casey! I love the crinkle around her eyes and the twinkle you've created - it's brilliant. I know from personal experience how tricky that is - so bravo!!
    I'm so glad somebody understands/shares my skull obsession!!