Sunday, March 29, 2009

Max's card

The kids were making cards last week, and asked me to make ones for them. Now, I have made cards for them many times before, and they were never rally impressed by them. Yes, they liked them, but they were pretty quickly tossed aside. So I made a card for each of them, honestly not putting much effort into it. Wouldn't you know it, this time, they were thrilled. They read them to each other, shared them with the stuffed animals and with Matt when he got home. As we were getting ready to read a bedtime story that night, Max Suddenly jumped out of bed and exclaimed, "Wait! I want to put the card you made me in my room, so when you go back to work on Wednesday, and I miss you, I can look at it and feel better."

(made from the November About A Boy Scrap for A Cure kit, my favorite one!)

1 comment:

  1. Oh those kids! One minute breaking your heart and the next almost making it burst with love! Who knows what the difference was this time around! I'm just glad they finally connected to and appreciated your creativity. Good for them and good for you!! :-)