Friday, August 20, 2010

Shoe Lust

I have sneakers, but I haven't bought a new pair of real tennis shoes in years. My favorite pair ever was a retro red style from North Face, and I still have them, even though they have paint splatters and the heel is splitting off. I found a great red pair on Endless, on sale no less, yet when they came today, they ran about a size too small. Shoot. So I found a few more on Zappos

Aren't those Dr. Seuss Chuck Taylor's amazing? They have several different styles, but I loved the sketched look.  However, right now I need a walking shoe. I ordered three pair (hopefully one will fit). Can you guess which ones?


  1. I'm going to guess the Pumas at the bottom?

  2. I'm guessing the red ones, either the first pair or the second. Love the Seuss shoes. VERY cute. :)