Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Little Stitch for Me

I do buy fabric for myself, and patterns, and sometimes even cut those patterns out, but rarely do I actually sew for myself. It's not that I don't want to, quite the contrary, but the kids need clothes, or the pet bed needs recovering, or the pillows are looking old... does it sound familiar? If not, good for you! If so, then you need to steal some time for yourself. I FINALLY made Rae's Lickety Split Bag, which had been purchased who knows how long ago. Why did I wait so long? This bag was so easy to sew up after the kids went to bed. I love, love, love bags, and had purchased both fabrics with bags in mind. I opted to use matching pockets and no trims, since the prints are so loud. And the best part? It's completely reversible. A winter to spring bag for sure. As soon as Girl Scout Cookie sales are over (wanna buy a box?) I'm making at least two more. It's a great gift, too, since it sews up so quickly.

I must pull out the inks once this cookie madness ends. While I was sewing, I kept thinking of mixed media projects. I do that all of the time; while I'm working in one medium, I'm constantly thinking of another. Thinking of sketching while I sew, thinking of cooking while I sketch. Weird. Is it just me, or do others share in this ADD creative thinking?

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