Monday, February 7, 2011

T-shirt Bag

I have a stash of Max's old Lego t-shirts, cut apart for a planned t-shirt quilt. Well, he has decided he wants a universe quilt from Land of Nod (it's pricey, but by is it gorgeous), and really, when am I going to find the time to make a full sized quilt? So last night one became his Valentine's Day present, a library book bag. I had originally intended to make a lunch sack, but the print was too large on this shirt. I think I'll try that next with a smaller print shirt. This was an easy evening project, and would make a great gift bag, too. I fused the t-shirt pieces to some blue cotton, to give it stability and an easy lining. Otherwise, I simply made it tote bag style, with side pieces and a bottom. Since the graphic ended near the cut off neck line, I made a binding for the top to attach the handles to.

I can envision more tote bags, gift bags and lunch sacks from that stash of beloved t-shirts. Green and free, my kind of project!