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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Easiest Summer Dress

I have actually managed to do a little sewing for myself this summer, all my style - fast and easy. This sundress was made in the same fashion as the one I made for Madeline here.  The beauty of this little number was no hemming! The seersucker had finished selvedges, so I simply used those for the top and bottom, and seamed the cut edges in the back. Before seaming, I used elastic thread to gather the top, and also used it to make the stretchy straps.
It is a long dress, perfect for hot summer afternoons. The gathering took the greatest chunk of time (I think I did 16 rows), and the rest came together is minutes, giving me plenty of time to read and relax in the shade. That's my kind of summer project.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sewing Binge

I am definitely on a summer sewing binge, even though the skies are gray and we've had showers on and off for the last two days. It's been such an odd spring for our neck of the woods. Spring here usually means kinda hot, until we hit the hot weather in June and the please don't let my air conditioner fail me sweltering days of July and August. I am hardly complaining, though. I am certainly no fan of 100 degree weather, but in preparation for it, I've been making sun dresses. This one is my favorite, so far.

The hanger just doesn't do it justice - it is so cute on! It's a combination of patterns - Made's Summer Vacation Dress and the free Leisurely dress pattern form the Sew Mama Sew blog. Last summer I got hooked on shirring (using elastic thread to create a smocking effect) and this year it's becoming an obsession. I just bought four spools of elastic thread, so no fabric here is safe! The shirring on the pockets was from Dana's pattern, and I love it!

Sadly, I'll have to put away the elastic thread for now, because Max wants some shorts, and I don't think the boy is interested in a smocked pair. What are you sewing for the summer?