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Monday, June 21, 2010

70's Flashback Nightgown

I had ordered this Patch Blue Storybook fabric from Sew Mama Sew in January, without any plan for using it. I just loved the retro 70's look. It reminded me of sheets I had when I was a kid. Madeline saw the fabric recently and said we should have matching nightgowns. Well, I'm not so keen on nightgowns, but I made one for her. It is a quilting weight cotton, so it doesn't drape as nicely as a lighter fabric, but it still looks darn cute on her. It's Butterick 6659, with a little alteration in the length. As for the matching part, I had to order another couple yards for me, but I think I'll be making some sleep shorts for myself.

I made a quick pair of shorts for Max from an old men's knit shirt, and cut out a shorts and top set for Madeline last night. I really should pick up my sketchbook today; it's been neglected for far too long. It is the Solstice though, so I think banana ice cream pops and playing in the sunshine would be a better plan for today. What's on your sewing/craft table?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekend Sewing

I had a little flu this weekend, which was bad enough, but I was also out last Sunday from some disagreeable Mexican food, so I've had two fruitless weekends in a row. I hate being sick, period, because I HATE being idle, but it's even worse on the weekends, the free two days when we can do something together. Fortunately, the fever let up on Monday and I was able to make my first project from my Mother's Day gift, Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. I had seen a few pieces from the book on various blogs, and well, let's just say the gift wasn't a big surprise. Then I read the recent reviews on Amazon, where people had many issues with the patterns. Yikes! But, I don't scare easily, and none of the patterns looked difficult to alter. One reviewer complained about the yard scale skirt being way too small and wasting her expensive fabric, but seriously, do you use expensive fabric on a pattern you've never sewn before? I certainly don't. I made our pajama pants from an old sheet. The skirt, according to Heather's website, should have included at least one more panel, but don't you try things on as you are making them? I started with the pants pattern itself. I used the small pattern, but I knew I would have to add a lot of additional length, because I have a long inseam. Then, after I cut the pattern, I held it up to me and judged that I would need to make it a bit bigger to get the loose fit I wanted, so I cut an extra half inch of fabric around the pattern. Now, I am definitely not an experienced seamstress. I learned to sew from my mom in grade school, and have just played with simple patterns ever since, but I've sewn enough to know that no pattern is perfect. Yes, I think her patterns do run a little small. I am a size four, and the pajamas probably would have fit as is, but not with the wide, loose fit that you'd expect. Madeline's small/medium children's pants were just perfect, and she's a 7 slim. They don't have much room to grow, so I will probably try the large pattern next time. These were minor issues, and ones you could find with any pattern. So far, the book's a hit for me, and I can't wait to do more projects. Madeline is loving the matching clothes thing right now (never thought I would go for that, but I know that all too soon she'll be in middle school and want nothing t do with me, so I'm taking advantage of it!), so I think the little girl's sundress is next, but one in mommy's size, too!

Edit: Speaking of fabric, hurry over to Jenna Lou and enter the Amy Butler fat quarter giveaway! Love to get some of that, because the quilt shop in town (love her, but it's the only local fabric store) doesn't carry Amy anymore. She said it just doesn't sell well - too traditional here. :( While you are there, take some time to check out her nifty blog!