Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mixed Media Monday

Let's be honest; if I came across one of these on my garage floor, I'd step on it. But when I see an image of a cockroach in Popular Science, I make a little squealing sound (probably quite similar to the one the roach would make when I'm stepping on it) and tear it out of the magazine before my husband has a chance to read it (don't worry honey, you wouldn't have been interested in the article, anyway) and presently use it on an ATC. Why? I don't know. I hate bugs. I love bugs. It's a sick little circle. So here is my take on the Mixed Media Monday challenge for the week: purple and gold. Probably not what you expected, but isn't the unexpected more fun?


  1. yOu are a brave woman, Casey!! great looking piece!

  2. Very unexpected indeed, Casey, LOL! Diane

  3. casey.. this is crazy creepy... but I love it!