Monday, March 31, 2008

Step Outside Your Box

For Step Outside Your Box Saturdays the challenge was charms. I have to admit that I made these some months ago, but jewelry is definitely outside my box. I had these very, very shiny dollar bin frames, supposedly for scrapbooking. I used a little alcohol ink on them, created three teeny, tiny collages, and added the beads. They are some of my favorite necklaces. 
So this is my skill and my problem. I love to rework and repurpose things, and therefore I have a hard time throwing any art or craft supplies away. I actually have tons of really ugly papers (sales, gifts, some of those "What was I thinking??" moments...), but I can't recycle them, or donate them, because I know I can (and do) paint over them, tear them up for backgrounds, bind and gesso them for sketchbooks... but how often do I do that? How many pounds of paper do I really need to hold on to? I need one of those spring cleaning fits to come on when you just recycle everything in sight. I hope it comes soon. Then again, I don't.... 


  1. Yippee, another paper hoarder. Luckily, I have kids who help me 'recycle' but without them I would be covered in 'has been' cool paper. I so understand your affliction and I will pray for you...wink-wink

    I love your pendants. Just gorgeous,

  2. These are lovely - maybe jewellery isn't outside your box!