Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Journey begins tomorrow...

I am taking Ashley Wren's class, Love Yourself in 2009, which starts tomorrow. The class is a creative journey marking your progress towards fitness or weight loss. Granted, I'm carrying an extra five pounds now, but I'm okay with that. I am, however, not fit. I admit it. Some of you may recall my Body For Life days, when I worked out six days a week and was so good about my eating habits. Then I had kids. And I stopped exercising. I even stopped my yoga, which I had been doing for over 12 years, and through two pregnancies! When we got the dog, I got back on the wagon a bit, with our walks (and for those of you who know Molly, you know she never "walks" anywhere!) and I actually went under my pre-pregnancy weight. But Matt went back to school and started coming home from work later, so I stopped walking her in the evenings. And I began focusing on my art career, and would work on projects instead of work out. My asthma has gotten worse. 

And these are all excuses.

Because my asthma is better when I am fit. And there is a Bowflex in the garage. And the dog needs to be walked, every day, period. So now it is out there. I've made a commitment. I know I'm not ready for the rigor of a Body for Life program, but I can walk the dog. Or put in a yoga tape. Or play Dance Dance Revolution on the Wii, even if the kids won't dance with me. It's public, and you can hold me to it.

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