Monday, January 26, 2009

Look who's in Altered Couture!

The Spring issue arrived today!

My work was highlighted on the gallery cover page:

and both tanks were shown on page 142:

I couldn't be more thrilled! I've been dabbling with some fiber work, but these were some of the first clothing pieces I've done, and I loooooooovvvvvveeee clothes! Right now the machine is out because I'm appliquéing felt hearts on 18 t-shirts for Madeline's birthday party (I really wanted to avoid cheap plastic toys or candy as favors, and the t-shirts were on sale at Michael's for only $2!), but I have a whole list of projects to sew once those are done. The clothes pile in my closet is stacking up; not ones to wear, but to deconstruct. I pulled four sweaters out of my give-away pile this morning (shhh, don't tell Matt!) to do a little sweater surgery on. Well, maybe you can tell him - he gave me the book, after all! So hold on, Altered Couture, more is on the way!

We've run into a few technical difficulties with the new web site, so we've decided to post my Word For the Year class HERE! The posts will run daily, from February 2-6. Of course, they will still be here to view, so if you can't check in that week, you won't miss out. This little book is full of some cool techniques (you know I love the technique classes) and quick journaling prompts to focus your new year wishes. To make it an even sweeter deal, I'm giving away 7 class kits! No, you don't need a kit to make the book (you can use your own supplies), but wouldn't it be nice to win one? Just a reminder, we are going to make this:

All you need to do to enter the drawing is tell me, what is your word for the year? Don't have one? That's okay, too. We'll address that in class. You can just leave a little happiness instead! I'll pick a winner Feb. 1st!


  1. Wow, that sounds interesting. Glad to see you published! Those shirts are great. I would love a journal. My word for the year is "Discipline."

    Best wishes.
    Annemarie (MommyVictory)

  2. Congrats on the pub!! My word for the year is "MOVE!!"

  3. That is just awesome! Congrats for sure!!! Loving those shirts
    That's mini is just so adorable. my word is "CAPTURE"...

  4. Congrats on being pubbed! My word for the year is Serenity. :)

  5. Oh how excited....I found you on SIS!
    My word for the year is Journey!
    Most important...finding the JOY in the Journey!
    Can't wait to follow win a kit...ULTRA FAB!

  6. Congrats on being published your creations look Awesome! Your class sounds fun too! I can't decide on a word for the year. I've been working on it tho. Maybe "experience"? It's so hard to commit to one word! LOL. I would love to win a kit!

  7. Hi Casey,
    Congratulations! that is simply awesome! Love the t-shirt gifts you are making too.
    My word is Dynamic. I have a subword that reminds me of a dear friend who recently passed away, so I wear both of them on a necklace as my reminders. That second word is Grace. Because as she shared the end of her life with her family and friends, she taught about a beautiful and graceful exit.

  8. OOH I really really like that cami. Awesome work..My word for the year is "recovery".. Im trying so hard to recover form many things in my life right now.

  9. WOW Congrats on getting pubbed. Your work is Divine!

    My word for the year is BALANCE.
    In all aspects of a mother's life we need to remember this word.

  10. my word is BELIEVE! as in, BELIEVE in yourself, believe in God, just believE!

  11. wow!! i love those t shirts!!! congrats on getting published!!
    i'm still thinking on my word. mine might be more of a phrase like, don't just think it do it!
    the book looks awesome!!

  12. WOW! big congrats!
    My word for 2009 is now, love now, laugh now, be here now...

  13. Huge Congrats on the those tanks...WOWser!

    The class sounds pretty awesome too -- I am a technique kind of gal myself.

    My word for the year is BELIEVE.

    Can't wait to see your next deconstruction! *smile*

  14. Your work is awesome!! so much talent!

  15. Congrats on being published. Your class sounds like fun, and my word is REALIZE.

  16. Congrats!!

    My word is "Believe." :)

  17. Congrats! Love that mag and your work, awesome. My word is LOVE/LIVE. When i write it, i just put a lowercase i inside the upper case O.
    I want to really try to love more this year. I'm kinda known for being skeptical, so i want to change that!!!

  18. was just readin your bio-- I was a children's theatre major who now makes my living as a writer. (love my job!) But i had to force myself on some of my kids teachers, it was very frustrating to be wanting to share what i have and be forced to accept that they don't have time for ART!!! my kids get lots at home, but what about all those other dudes??? My kids 4th grade teacher was a music major, yet thanks (no thanks george w) to NCLB, they didn't even have time for music!!!! ARRRGGGHHH! thanks for letting me rant.

  19. my word for this year is now, as in do it now!
    this is such a fun idea!

  20. How cool is that? Congrats on being published. I'd love to be entered in the drawing. I didn't have a word until today. Mine is WIN! I want to be in control of my life and win out over other forces that are injecting negativity. So I'm winning out.

    Love the ink drawings too. I think it's really important to be able to do quick sketches in ink so you don't futz with them too much. Just draw and go on.

    Thank You!

  21. I came for to check out your sketches, but couldn't resist the giveaway! My word for 2009 is "Passion/Compassion"--if you follow the link to my blog, you'll see a journal spread I did thinking on what these two words mean to me and my new year.

    Congrats on being featured in Altered Couture, btw!

  22. My word is "persevere." I have a lot of challenges right now, and quitting is not an option, although I'd certainly like to! And once I get persevering down, I need to figure out how to incorporate moments of "not unhappiness" or neutralness, on the way to moments of happening happiness!


  23. Rice sent me over to check out your sketches. I love the idea of keeping to a small square. I must try that.
    Great work in Altered Couture, I was published in the second magazine and it is a fantastic feeling. I'd like to enter your give away. I've been tossing around lots of words, but without being too mushy I'm going to go for "Kindness" A little kindness can change the world.

  24. My word for this year is STAY . . .as in stay right here in this moment, stay w/ the feeling, stay in this place (instead of mentally drifting away making a grocery list!)