Thursday, January 29, 2009

Daily Drawings for the end of January

A few more daily drawings. Okay, I admit they are not exactly daily - I've missed a few here and there, but pretty close. I look forward to creating these little snippets of my life each day. My schedule has not allowed for any time with paint in the last four weeks, but by restricting myself to just a black pen and a small square, I've been able to find 10 minutes a day. Usually. I am actually finding myself reaching for a pen more often then a pencil now - fancy that!

The Word For The Year class is beginning on Monday! Be sure to check back here for the first post, and if you haven't already done so, leave a comment on this post for a chance to win a class kit!


  1. i LOVE these! i think the watercolors and the bernina are my favorites, but i like them all. and the idea of a small square and just 10 minutes--that's so doable! at least it seems that way right now--i want to give it a try--

    thanks for showing these--

  2. me too me too me too! i love this idea - what a great way to discover your potential by giving yourself this specific task and a time limit. these are great drawings!

  3. your drawings are so awesome! so crisp and the i love the subject matter you pick!

  4. are amazing... i am so happy to see that your talent is being notice.... love your incredablable amazing.... miss our meetings....