Monday, January 5, 2009

Day One

Day one. I walked the dog for almost an hour, in the rain, and I've had no sugar today. Yay for me! But it is only Day One. This is the cover I did for the binder we are keeping for the class. I have a lofty goal of an illustration a day. A small illustration, mind you. Now, I know I probably won't do 365 illustrations this year, but I figure if I set the goal at one a day, I'll at least do a few a week, which will still add up to a lot. So there you have it. Day one.


  1. Hey Casey, good luck on your journey toward being more fit. :) I've heard that exercise can really help with asthma, so that seems like a really good reason to get back on the wagon to me!

    You've always been thin, so I'm guessing that 5 lbs looks good on you, so don't stress that part. ;) You're gorgeous. And the kids are, too!

  2. Hi Casey.. Happy New Year! Miss you and hope to see you soon.. I need to do this too.. I actually have my shoes out to walk Rocky tomorrow morning.. big hugs..

  3. alright girly, I am right there with you. I got in really good shape this summer and then well you know the rest. I walked Beta today a nice long walk with a little jog home.