Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring Clean Day Two

Are you cleaning? If not, click the simplemom.net button on the side to join the party!  I'm doing small bits at a time, in between caring for Max. I tackled the family room today, because it's small, and Max has set up camp on the couch in the living room. I have to admit, there was not a lot of work to do in this room. The two hot spots for me are the kids' craft storage and my desk.

Yah, the desk is bad. Honestly, it's always bad. I thinned out a lot of stuff around my desk - it tends to be the dumping ground for all of my projects, even ones I'm not currently working on. I hung a few pieces that were above the desk on the pass through, and dusted A LOT.

I don't know if the kids' art center looks any better, but I did sort and toss some drawings, filed others, and generally organized supplies.

And the final product:


  1. I like your family room. It looks nice and cozy. It is so hard to pick and choose from the kids art projects what to keep and what to get rid of.

  2. I love your place... Love the style!
    It looks great. With kids it's impossible to keep things completely clean and organized. I don't have school aged kids but I can imagine all the paperwork that must create! I'm not ready for that!

  3. First of all... your family room is SO cute! I love it. And secondly, I think you made great progress. Keep it up. ;-)

  4. My desk tends to be a dumping ground, too. I'm not real sure how to fix that either. I bought a small filing box (decorative) and use it more now even for the projects that are ongoing. It has helped, but it seems that it is a never ending battle (me or the desk).

  5. I love your green bins. I always think a uniform look brings clarity to your space. Great job spring cleaning! I came over from Simple Mom.