Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A little scrappin'

This little guy arrived a couple of weeks ago from Down Under. He is the fabulous creation from Blinking Flights that Madeline took from my hands the minute I opened the package. He, after having been in California for only a few minutes, was redubbed a "she" although the name has stayed the same. Gordon has visited the many wonders of our town, such as Target, the post office and the dentist. I'm sure he, no she's mighty impressed with California. Please visit Rebecca's fabulous blog, and her delightful Etsy shop (so sad to see the bugs going, sniff!) and wallow in her wonderful fabric creations!

Allison and I were able to steal away to our local LSS, Scrap Diva, to do a little scrappin' a few weeks ago. I had brought several kits, but I couldn't resist the lure of some new lines, especially the Penny Lane series from My Mind's Eye. I could have bought it all!

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