Friday, June 4, 2010

Snail Bait

If you know me, you probably laughed at this sight, just as I do every time I walk by my counter. No, I'm not the 32 ounce Miller High Life type (and the gluten in it would make me sick for days), but I'm on a mission. A deadly mission. Tomorrow, the snails in my front yard must die, with a little help from Mr. Miller.

I'm still on a sewing binge, as the mess on my dining room table aptly demonstrates. Hopefully on Monday I'll have lots to show and tell, or maybe even a tutorial. Summer officially starts today for us, so we're off to enjoy a little outside time. Hope your weekend includes a lots sunshine, too!


  1. Is it true that snails are attracted to beer? I saw that once on King of the Hill, but I was never sure that it was true. Is that how you're going to get rid of your snails?

    Also, you're lucky to have snails. They're much more attractive to look at than slugs are; and we get a TON of slugs at my house.

  2. We use Milwaukee's Best in cat food cans. They aren't the most attractive to look at. But it does work.