Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Detour

Instead of sitting in front of my sewing machine, we spent the weekend pricing out floors, vanities and tubs for the bathroom. You see, there was a minor flood in  the kid's bathroom, and the hubs ended up pulling up half of the vinyl. Once we started looking at new floors, we thought why not the whole thing? Never liked the stuff that's in there anyway, especially the dreadful tub enclosure. So now the bathroom looks like a disaster zone, and fabric is still stacked on the table. Oh well.

We were able to set aside a sizable chunk of time to relax in the warm weather. Cleaning the car lead to an art project (makes perfect sense, doesn't it?); custom car seat covers. I had painted their previous covers, but this time the kids wanted to do it themselves. Getting the paint out of the little bottles was a harder task than they expected, so the headrests ended up with a modern art look. I admit that I asked to "help" Max with his, which was looking more like someone had smeared a few paint bottles and crayons across it rather than an intentional piece of art, but all in all the work is still his. And they had fun.

What about the snail traps, you ask? Well, a quail momma and papa and eight little babies moved into our front yard this weekend! How I wish I had pictures - the chicks are little balls of fluffy on spindle legs! We were afraid that the babies might drink the beer, so the traps have to wait. I hope my lettuce and zucchini can wait, too!


  1. Another option is using mint. It seems to keep the slugs away. You just have to be careful because mint spreads quickly.