Monday, January 31, 2011

Meet Hermione

This is Hermione, Madeline's first doll project. She really wanted to make a doll with her new sewing machine, but that's a little beyond her beginner's skills, so we made this a joint project. We used the super easy pattern from Make Baby Stuff, but Madeline decided she wanted an all muslin body so she could dress her in different outfits. The pattern was easy to follow, and Madeline did the stuffing and some of the larger sewing parts. I tackled the stitching of the arms and legs (they are narrow), embroidering the face and the hair. She conveniently fits into the clothes for the rag doll Madeline (of  story book fame), so she instantly had a nice wardrobe. I think I may surprise her with a nightgown for Valentine's Day, a piece that is missing from the clothes trunk. It only took us two days to complete, and she is so proud of her.  It was a great mother/daughter project - lots of creative collaboration, and no arguing! It was so speedy to put together, I'm itching to try a few on my own. There are so many variations you could add to this simple pattern!


  1. How fun! I remember working on arts and crafts projects with my mom when I was little ^_^

  2. I can't sew, and I'm not crafty, and I don't have a sewing machine. So Maya was mostly on her own at this type of project. She did manage, with the help of her Auntie Kathy, to make a stuffed trilobite named "Elizabeth", and a stuffed cat with no name. Basically she drew the pattern herself on cloth, cut it out, cut out a back for it, sewed the two sides together, and stuffed them. Pretty good!

    I would say that Maddie did a fantastic job! I hope she's proud of herself. :) Love the nightgown idea.

    Here's a post with a pic of Maya and Elizabeth, the trilobite, who she made for a science project in 1st or 2nd grade...

  3. What a beautiful doll. My kids love doll making.