Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Alien Bread

Well, they are not really from space, but that's what the kids call these drop biscuits.  They are cheesy, crispy and wonderful, even if you are not gluten free. The best part, in my opinion, is the garlic butter that gets brushed on top. Heaven. As I've mentioned before, GF food bloggers have been my saviors since going gluten free, and the recipe came from one of my favorites, GFE (Gluten Free Easily). She's actually having a fantastic giveaway right now, which you can enter here. Maybe I'll have a few biscuits with lunch - did I mention that they freeze beautifully?


  1. Mmmm :) Those look really good! You'll have to post the recipe!

  2. Okay, I lost my long messagge. Here's the short version. Too funny on the kids' opinion of the biscuits. Your blog and art work are absolutely beautiful. I'm sharing your blog with another art jounaler (www.v-grrrl.com) friend of mine. Last, but not least, thanks so very much for the kinds words and link love!