Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring and Sid

Spring has definitely arrived in our little corner of California, with trees in full bloom (sneeze!) and weather in the low seventies. How nice of spring weather to cooperate with spring break. We built a secret hideout in the backyard, and the kids found a very interesting bug, which they named Sid (Junior, Delores, Sid... I think they save their best names for creepy crawlies). Max grabbed my iPhone and took copious pictures of their new friend.

This hastily made bug jar was once home to a plantain, comfrey, calendula tincture brew, which will come in quite handy if anyone gets bitten by one of those little buggers.

They eventually let him go, so he could eat and visit his family. As much as I like drawing bugs, I'm still working on the bird book. Another page, this time about bird feet.

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  1. Those bird illustrations are AMAZING! Once again, you produce even more amazing art! Keep it up!!! :D