Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Yudu Shirt

Max is sporting the newest t-shirt design, from an old sketch. Who doesn't want a creepy long necked bug crawling up their shirt, right? Or maybe it's just me. I think I need to make some bags with this design because the image is so crisp on cotton fabric. It looks good on the knit, too, but the details are even sharper on the cotton. I bought the 220 screen to use on paper, and I'm curious to see how it works on fabric, too. I think I need to make a trip to Goodwill to buy a bunch of test t-shirts. I also think I need to get a better squeegee for the Yudu. I'm getting some over saturation and I think it's due to the hard squeegee. I just can't believe they want $15 for their "deluxe" one, which should have been standard. Well, I guess that's what coupons are for.

A brand new adventure started yesterday - homeschool. Not just any homeschool, though. The kids have signed up for a magical journey at the Hogwarts Academy. Since they are both so crazy for everything Potter, I decided our first unit will be everything Harry. Their classes include Herbology (botany), Potions (chemistry), Care of Magical Creatures (zoology), Transfiguration (arts), Magical Math and Enchanted Reading. My trick now is figuring out how to balance the homeschooling with work (I'll still be teaching a couple of days a week) and my art. Heaven knows how I'm going to fit the cooking, cleaning, and gardening in there, but that's the magical part, right? So please forgive me if the posts are a bit irregular over the next few weeks as I get this new schedule all figured out. I'm confident though that it will all come together, like magic! ;)


  1. Very creative, Casey! Sounds like you have your hands full, though :P Best of luck!

  2. Uhh i wrote a really elegant comment but it didnt post i must have done something wrong so im gonna have another crack at it. im sure its going to lose some of its original elegancy though.

  3. Casey!!!!!!
    Its Grant. I have been looking through your blog its really awsome to see you your art and your kids. Bummer I haven't been around to see them. Im sure they are having as much if not more fun than I had hanging with you and Matty when i was their age but, don't worry Im inviting my self over for Pizza Friday when I come back in the Spring.
    I started my own blog mainly about saving humanity and fighting evil through art, but i will post other art and stuff too probably.
    I want to say you and Matty are two of the most important people to me when it comes to art and more. You guys are my original inspirations. My muses if you will. I will never forget all the awsome stuff you guys showed me as a little B@$7@RD, I mean kid.