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Monday, January 19, 2009

The Excitement Builds!

I'm getting so excited about what's in store on Lavender Sky Studio! I can't wait to share more about it, but that will have to wait for at least a few more days...

I am keeping up pretty well in the Daily Drawing department. Some are good, some not, but it's the routine. Here are a few recent ones.

Madeline, my fever girl, is down with one again. Max is still on the tail end of his cold. How do you keep one child from catching what the other has? I sure haven't found a way yet. Quite possibly, because they won't stay away from each other, even when they are sick. I guess I shouldn't complain about that one. We are so fortunate that they are the best of friends.

I will leave you with one last image. As I mentioned in the previous post, I'm trying to make exercising a more creative endeavor. This is a picture from a walk on a foggy morning, taken with my iPhone. I can't believe how good the camera is on that thing!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So much going on!

Whew! The last six weeks have pretty much been a blur! The wheels are still definitely in motion for me. I can't believe that I forgot to post this:
My heart book was published in this issue, and it's almost off the stands, now!

I was a bit disappointed that they didn't show any of the cards inside. I must apologize for the pictures. It's late, and it's just easier to photograph them on my desk instead of scanning. The book is made of hand painted and stamped fabric and tissue, and on the inside you find:

I've been doing pretty good with the exercising, getting it in about four days a week. Today I did sprints with the dog while the kids threw stones in the creek. I don't think I've run that much in over a year. I'm really focusing on turning the walks into creative endeavors, taking pictures or bringing back ideas to put in my art journals. Today I had the kids bring their cameras along. Tomorrow we'll upload the pictures and see what each of us was inspired by (although I know at least one of the pictures was of the dog's butt...)

So much to share, but it's 11:11 pm (oh, make a wish, quick!) and I still have lunches and housework. I do want to mention an exciting creative endeavor I have in the works with Sheri. I'm SUPER excited about it! Yes, it will be on-line and here's a little tiny sneak peek of what's to come

Stay tuned, I'll have more information coming this month...