Monday, April 26, 2010

Believe Card Tutorial

I must apologize for the tardiness of this post. You see it was a warm, sunny, glorious spring weekend here in Northern California, and although my sewing machine has been calling me, and the fridge was getting a little bare, I preferred to spend my time filling (and throwing) water balloons with the kids. So for today, a tutorial from my class archives. Use this design as a loose guideline for using up your own scraps and supplies. I know my craft closet needs a good spring cleaning!

Supplies needed:

Patterned Cardstock (cut to your preferred card size)
Stamp & Ink (I used gold, brown and red)
Old book page

Fold over the right corner of the card. Stamp flourish in bottom left corner with red ink.

Attach brad to folded corner and secure green printed panel behind card.

Ink text page with gold, and cut three free form hearts, one small and two larger, from page. Edge hearts with brown ink and secure to card.

Cut out stamped text and edge with gold. Secure to card.


  1. Oooh! These are so pretty! I HAVE to try this out! Thanks! :D

  2. this is beautiful. I have never been very creative in this area. I simply stare at the page, waiting for something to begin before me. A lead perhaps. I guess that is why I like sewing and knitting. There is a formula of some sort, and a little deviation can be, well, interesting.
    I just love your style of art. And I couldn't agree more with your profile statement. I had an absolutely wonderful, fabulous, incredible art teacher in elementary school. We learned about artists, mediums, and perspectives. In 1st grade! I can only hope that I, or someone else special can be that inspiring artist for my children. I like "live your art." It makes so much sense. Thanks for coming by and commenting about going GF...I appreciate it. :) Best, Abbie