Monday, April 18, 2011

Winter t-shirt to summer top

The Jesse t-shirt was one of Madeline's favorites from this winter, but only a few months after receiving it, it was already getting small (that girl can grow!). Since the graphic was so large, an applique would be difficult, so I decided to make a summer tank top instead. Oreo decided that he should be the subject of the photo shoot, so I'm afraid my "after" pictures are dominated by a little black and white feline. He may be male, but he's still a diva.

First I cut off the arms and the collar, straight across.

I sewed a cotton ruffle to the bottom to add length.

I added a band of the same material to finish off the front and back (basically a 2 inch bias tape strip).

I used a thin bias tape to finish off the arms and extend for ties. The front was a little big, so I ran a few rows of elastic thread across the front and back bias strips to tighten it up. You could also run a piece of elastic through the top strips before sewing them down.

Yes, Madeline is thrilled with her new shirt, but I think Oreo likes it most of all.

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  1. Such a cool shirt! You are a fun crafty and nice mom! -- Cici